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Miracle Laser Medical Clinic - TESTIMONIALS
I didn’t think I had varicose veins because I didn’t have big bulging veins only smaller spider veins. I would have sclerotherapy done and the veins would come right back. My doctor performed an ultrasound and found that I had venous insufficiency in both legs, but that it wasn’t detected by a visual exam. These internal varicose veins were the cause of the spider veins, the leg pain and my inability to sleep due to restless, itching, painful legs. I wouldn’t have known this without an ultrasound! After the Endovascular Ablation Laser Therapy (EVALT) I went back to work the next day and stood for 12 hours with no issues at all. I am grateful for this technology. – Janet

I can get back to the activities home and put my legs up every night. The procedure was fast and painless. The EVALT laser procedure gave me my life back. – Nikki D.

I had very bad acne and scars from acne on my chin and cheek areas. I went to Miracle Laser Antiaging Medicine Clinic and I received CO2 fractional laser treatment. The next day I had scabbing and within about 4-6 days it healed. I could see and feel a difference my skin feels so much cleaner and looks so much smoother. It made me feel so much better. – Melissa

I had fine lines and deep wrinkles above my lip area. I received CO2 fractional laser treatment. It took away almost all the lines completely on the first try. I love the way it looks and feels. I feel so much better. I would highly recommend this to anyone. The doctor is great she is very nice and if you have any questions she will answer them and also follows up with you as well. – Gladys







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