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What is Oriental Medicine?

Oriental Medicine, a practice that has been used for more than thousands of years, consists of many practices including acupuncture, herbal medicines, and nutrition.

Eastern Asian Countries use Oriental Medicine on a regular basis and is a popular alternative to Western Medicine, as Oriental Medicine focus on healing your body as a whole to achieve maximum wellness and longevity.

Oriental Medicine works to balance the disharmonies of the body and takes into account every aspect of life such as surroundings, emotional state, physical state, and habits when making a diagnosis, thus striving for holistic healing.


At Acupuncture of America Valencia, we use our extensive studies and practice with herbs together that are based on a tradition of more than 5,000 years. We use these with ancient Asian formulation theory to design Asian Herbal formulas for our patients.

Acupuncture and Asian Herbs are complimentary therapies that can adjust the body chemistry for long term effects.

As we offer services such as acupuncture, herbal medicines, Moxibuston, massages, and nutrition, we seek to find the most appropriate method for each patient depending on cost, lifestyle, and compliance









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